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Thomas Oxley, MD, PhD Portrait

Thomas Oxley, MD, PhD

CEO and Founder
Founding CEO and Associate Professor Thomas Oxley is a neuro-interventionalist with expertise in neurology, internal medicine, and stroke. He was awarded his PhD in Neural Engineering from the University of Melbourne, and completed his endovascular neurosurgery fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital under Dr.’s Mocco and Berenstein. In 2018, he was the winner of the Advance Life Sciences Award. He is a Co-Head of the Vascular Bionics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne and the Director of Innovation Strategy for the Department of Neurosurgery at the Mount Sinai Health System. His work has been published in major journals including Nature Biotechnology and New England Journal of Medicinewith over 4000 citations. He has presented his research at over numerous conferences, including the TedX talk in Sydney in 2018.
Nicholas Opie, PhD Portrait

Nicholas Opie, PhD

CTO and Founder

Founding CTO and Associate Professor Nicholas Opie is a biomedical engineer with experience in neural prostheses and medical bionics. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering with Honours at Monash University, his PhD in retinal neuroprostheses at Melbourne University, and his MBA at Melbourne Business School. He is a Westpac Bicentennial Fellow and a Co-Head of the Vascular Bionics Laboratory at the University of Melbourne. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers in journals including Nature Biomedical Engineering and Nature Biotechnology, has presented his research at more than 70 local and international conferences and has over 20 patent filings on the Stentrode™ technology and it’s applications.

Martin Dieck Portrait

Martin Dieck


An experienced corporate leader with expertise in developing novel neurovascular solutions Martin Dieck, serves as chairman of Synchron. He received his MBA from the University of California, Berkley and his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Willamette University. Prior to being appointed the Chairman of Syncrhon, he led Lazarus Effect Inc., a novel vascular interventional device, Nfocus Neuromedical, Inc., a developer of neurovascular intravascular devices, and Concentric Medical, Inc., which developed the first cleared thrombectomy device to treat large vessel ischemic stroke, which were acquired by Medtronic, Covidien and Stryker, respectively.  Dieck also serves as a chairman for Serenity Medical, a managing member for Neuro Technology Investors LLC and executive chairman for Cerebrotech Medical.

Rahul Sharma, MBBS Portrait

Rahul Sharma, MBBS

Head of Business Development

Dr. Rahul Sharma is head of business development and a founding member of Synchron. Dr. Sharma also serves as an interventional cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles), roles he began after completing an interventional cardiology fellowship with the medical center. He received degrees in medicine and surgery from Monash University.